Terms Of Service

The terms put in place by our website are to protect us, and you, from conflict or security issues.

Our website (and “Revision”, “Revision Dynamics”, “Us”, “I”, “We”, “Our”) is property to none but us. Any content seen here cannot be copied or stolen, or you will be blocked from the site and no longer have the option contact.

By accessing our site, or contacting us, you agree to the following terms. You will not use this site for illegal intent, deface this site, plagiarize this site, or otherwise try to cause issues regarding it.

You also agree to not do the following things when visiting our site, or our discord server:

  • Speak foul language
  • Steal/DOX personal data
  • Disrespect any client or staff member
  • Charge back on any purchases
  • Speak racism or bullying
  • Intend to harm
  • Any kind of hacking
  • Scamming
  • Plagiarism
  • Hate speech or spam

We have the right to change anything on this page without prior notification. You are always agreeing to the latest Terms of Service when doing anything that relates to Revision Dynamics.


We do not collect IP addresses, personal information, location information, or any other information related. Period, the end. We greatly believe in your personal security, and the main goal is to protect that.


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