I did not expect you such a big beauty even married this toad. Jinxiu look gas, said Hey, we are not so good and good, not to the extent of random joke. Bonnie said, I m not kidding. Lying The Jinxiu almost bite out PMP it exam of internal injuries Bonnie turned his head against Jintai Yan, who was.giggling. Although this guy does not fly, but it s nice to congratulate you on getting married. Kim Tae yan smiled and nodded Thank you Jinxiu is blocked with a mouth Ma after the bombardment of the very accurate. Jintai Yan big eyes stare, Jinxiu can only obediently accompany the drink. Finally, the two visited the director Zhang Mou, casually guest some, be met with all PMP the friends and family. Two more to send The Chapter 445 Newly married Dinner guests things, Jinxiu decisive to the best man maid of honor, according to drin.k so go, anti can not resist Jinxiu with Jintai Yan Xie guests, sitting in the wedding car back home. Many people have misunderstood, the bridal chamber candle night on the sacred man made movement, but Jinxiu told you this night s real situation. Kim Tae yan came home after entering the toilet, PMI Certification

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