ill the soldiers, or I will defeat the Sidi tribe, the next step is your southern man tribe. Liu Zhengyu nodded. Well, you will never be king, I will stop you. Liu Zhengyu finished will indicate wolf left, the two have turned to go. Stop. Xu Hanliang at the door, Amazon it exam out of the waist of the sword, looked coldly Liu Zhengyu and war wolf. How, brother to stay with me How can you come here Amazon Certification and say where you go. You can not stop me. Liu Zhengyu gently shook his head, eyes full of disdain. Xu Hanliang, let them go. Hyun sound know Liu Zhengyu practice, Xu Hanliang really stopped him. Lor.d, this person is not removed, in the future will become a big suffering. Xu Hanliang Road. Do not my orders stop and let them go. Liu Zhengyu smiled, and wars from Xu Hanliang passing by, Xu Hanliang eyes spark, if his eyes can kill, Liu Zhengyu has long been dead. Liu Zhengyu out of the North deserted, apparently some lonely, everything seems to be nothing he imagined so simple, perhaps his current practice can become the king of the world, but he really do not want to see with the bell goose and hyun Meet the day. Warships follow Liu Zhengyu the Amazon longest time, know the owner of a bad mood, has been slowly following him behind, usually laughing him, not in words, two slowly left the nort

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